Photography Program Lecture

General Notes:


As time permits, I conduct lectures for up to 250 people across the state of Florida at colleges, camera clubs, and private events, as well as a volunteer speaking at highschools.  Each program is tailored to the specific audience, which you can let me know ahead of time.  With an equally strong knowledge of digital, I focus my  programs on what a digital photographer can learn from my success with film.  My advantage over most photography workshop speakers is that nearly my entire income is made from selling fine-art prints; my program’s focus and insights are therefore quite different.

Below are some example programs and topics covered.  Please email or call for more information.


College Classes, Private Groups and Camera Clubs


Topics can be mixed from the topics below:

  • Finding your voice in a digital age
  • Film vs Digital, and using both in 2015
  • RAW and digital workflow
  • Improving your digital images with lessons from film
  • Scanning and digitally processing film


Volunteer High-School Speaker


Several times each year, I speak with high-school art and photography classes with a focus on what it takes to make a career out of art, with a focus on my personal story of quitting my office career and following my dream.  For photography classes, I talk about choice of mediums and techniques for finding your own personal style and voice.


Feedback from Hosts:


“You did a great job….I can tell you put a lot of planning and time into making your presentation top notch.  It certainly paid off.  “

One member expressed yours was the best program ever (and we have had nationally know speakers).  Another member said they would have to take their film camera out again and do some Black and White photography.”

“They were very impressed with your body of work, as well as your fantastic program.  You really have a fantastic eye, and your technical skills to convert these envisions into beautiful final photographic products is remarkable.”



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