My first win of the season was a big one!  For the November 5-6 2010 24th Annual Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts Festival, I was awarded prestigious ‘Tony Senador Award’, with a grand cash prize of $2,500!

Because the largest two prizes are given dead last, I had given up hope after the first 25 awards were given out, including 10 judges choice awards, 5 awards of commendations, 10 awards of distinction, and 1 award of excellence.  What a wonderful surprise when my name came up next for the blue ribbon!

Lake Mary Heathrow, one of Central Florida oldest and most prestigious festivals, moved to a new location that gave great walking space so that the art patrons could walk around a long sidewalk circle. I also had some great neighbors that shared many memorable stories, including Beatrice Athanas (check her work out here), a fine-art painter across the way.

I’m looking forward to where the remainder of the festival season takes me!


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