About Richard Auger

ABOUT RICHARD AUGER.  Growing up in Southeast Florida, I’ve always loved the haunted, mystical quality of Florida’s swamps and rivers, as well as its peaceful, sunny coastlines.  I spent many summers scuba diving South Florida’s coral reefs and swimming in the springs of North Florida.  While studying at FSU, I joined the Outdoor Pursuits Club to explore and kayak the surrounding Panhandle areas, as well as hike the mountains of the American South.  I rarely brought along a camera, choosing to instead enjoy Florida’s natural splendor without the distraction of technology.

Photography has been a passionate hobby since I took a darkroom class in high school.  But in late 2010, I finally decided to follow my dreams and take on photography as a full time career.  I purchased an old 6x7 film rangefinder and began trekking alone through much of Wild Florida to create an all new black and white film series, with a focus on authenticity and conservationism.  I hope that my work has captured just a little of what this state has meant to me during my life, as well as other Floridians that share my passion for our landscape.

I now make my full-time living selling my prints at art festivals and galleries throughout the year.  Please check out my schedule to see my prints in real life or just to chat about Florida and photography.  You can also email me with any questions or comments, or subscribe to my online newsletter.

FILM PROCESS.  Film takes a thoughtful pre-visualization, as well as high investment, to create a final masterpiece.  The analogue process slows me down, and allows me to more carefully study a scene.  I also love the aesthetic feel of a silver gelatin print, as well as the unquestionable authenticity they have in the digital age.  But as time moves on, I’ve began to embrace digital cameras back into my workflow.  Film has trained me to become a better digital shooter, and surprisingly, digital has made me a better film photographer.  I’ve realized that digital is neither good nor evil, but really depends on the user.  In 2015, I shoot mostly with a Sony A7R, Mamiya 7ii, and Fuji GX617.  Check out my ‘Technical Notes‘ page.

Richard Auger, Photographer, Portrait, Florida
Richard Auger, Photographer, Self Portrait, Virgin Islands