Customer Service

Customer Service

Shipping and Return Policy

Orders take up to 4 weeks to create, and will be professionally packaged and shipped via a national carrier.  Depending on your location and time of year, they may be hand delivered by the artist.  If you have a specific timeline, please contact me and I may be able to rush production.

Please choose carefully as we do not take returns or change orders once payment is collected. Ask as many questions as you would like, in advance, on the contact page on this website or come visit me at an art festival in your area. 

All items include costs for shipping within continental United States.  For Hawaii, Alask, and international shipments, please contact me before purchasing.


Custom Sizes and Framing

We are a full service shop!  Many collectors have a specific size space to fill or need to match framing they already have.  Please contact me with questions or for a quote.  Also check out the client installation page for some examples.


Common Questions

Can I see the prints in person?  Do you have a gallery?

Normally I exhibit at about 20 outdoor art festivals each year across the USA.  Many collectors have seen my work in person at these shows, or have seen my work hanging at a friends house, hotel, office, etc.  Many clients have found me online, and purchase based on my reputation and photos of previous client installations.

Given the success of this website and outdoor art festivals, a gallery is unnecessary, and would lead to me doubling prices; further, I wouldn’t have to time to travel and create new images as I do now.


What kind of quality can I expect?

I use only the finest museum-grade materials.  Not only are they 100+ year archival, but they have a large color gamut, luminescent colors, and deep blacks.  Materials used are all USA made.

For example, many “canvas” prints you buy online or in stores are actually plastic that has a texture stamped on to imitate canvas.  The ink rubs off easily and they have poor contrast and colors.  Our canvas, by contrast, is a thick cotton/poly blended fabric with a protective coating.


How do the photos look in real life?  Art they sharp when enlarged?

My speciality is making large artwork at fair prices.  Back in my film days, I used medium and large format for up to 150 megapixel digital scans.  Today, I stitch multiple images together for ultra high resolution to achieve prints that enlarge to 14 feet wide and larger.

Every digital photo file is carefully edited and prepared for printing so there are no artifacts or flaws shown in large finished artwork.  The colors and details looks much better in real life than on this website!

Also, check out the client installation page!


Is the digital watermark also on the prints?

No, there is only a small signature on the front or back of the finished artwork.  The digital watermark is on this website and social media pages only for when someone reposts my images.


Can I come pick up the artwork from you in South Florida?

Due to my fluid schedule, I can only deliver or ship artwork directly to your home if you ordered from me online.  Part of good customer service is making sure the artwork arrives to your door undamaged.


Can you hold a piece for me at an art show, or can I pick up the piece at an art show?

Art show season is a chaotic time of year for me, when I’m working sometimes 80-100 hours a week.  Its difficult to guarantee or hold artwork.  Also, many shows have no storage space, so I have nowhere to hold the artwork safely.


Commitment to Data Security 

Our website is now fully encrypted for a secure payment and private online viewing experience.  Your personally identifiable information is kept secure and never shared.  All emails and newsletters from this site allow you to opt out of further mailings.