About Richard Auger

Richard Auger, Photographer, Portrait, Florida

Richard Auger was born in Deerfield Beach, Florida, in 1983, and grew up scuba diving South Florida’s coral reefs and swimming in the springs of North Florida.  His father was an adventurous outdoorsman, who loved to try almost every outdoor activity at least once while bringing his son along for the ride.  During those years, Richard gained an appreciation for the great outdoors, especially Wild Florida, with its haunted, mystical swamps, as well as its peaceful, sunny coastlines.  Auger hopes to capture what this state has meant to him during his life, as well as other Floridians that share a passion for our landscape.

Richard’s only formal photography eduction came from a high-school darkroom class in 2002, when one of his silver prints of the Everglades won a Gold Key in Scholastics.  He considered a career in the arts, but ultimately choose a more practical career route and studied business.  After only 2 years out of college, Richard quit his office job in 2010, destroyed his entire digital portfolio, and began and all new series shot entirely in black and white film.  Titled ‘Florida Noir’, the series was a runaway success at art festival across Florida and the USA, quickly winning nearly $60,000 in fine-art juried awards.

In 2014, Richard began to capture other places in the USA and the Caribbean, with a slow re-embrace of color and digital techniques.  The knowledge he gained shooting exclusively black and white film carried over to his new color work, resulting in large prints with high resolution and captivating compositions.  His award-winning prints hang at government buildings, corporate collections, galleries, and private homes across the United States.

Richard currently lives and works out of his home studio in North Jupiter Island, Florida.

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