Materials and Framing

Gallery Canvas Wraps.

Our most popular option. Ready-to-hang Gicleé canvas wraps create a contemporary, yet timeless artistic presentation. Museum-grade canvas, made by Breathing Color in the USA – the best and most expensive canvas in the world – is fade resistant for 100+ years. Canvas is stretched over 1.5″ North American poplar wood bars and wired in the back. Canvas wraps look great in a variety of lighting conditions, with bold, yet natural colors like a painting.

Please note that the cheap canvas prints you see everywhere online have given canvas a bad name because they’re not actually canvas – they’re made of thin plastic stamped with texture to look like canvas, printed on with 4 ink signage printers, then stretched over poor quality stretcher bars (often made of compressed paper) that easily warp over time.  They are often hazy with dull colors, thin, see-through, not waterproof, easily damaged, and the colors start shifting quickly after installation.  Our process, by comparison, is the same as high-end painting reproductions, with canvas that is a cotton/poly blended fabric that is sealed to be waterproof and durable, with vivid life-like colors that are ultimately stable.

Metal Prints

This is the latest trend in the photography world, with dyes infused onto a white coated aluminum surface. The prints have luminescent colors, dark blacks, and a glossy surface for an ultra-modern look. Choose between float mount, edge mount, or loose print. Loose metal prints are for collectors that want to insert the print into a traditional frame, whereas float and edge mounts are for a frameless presentation. These prints are similar to acrylic prints, but are much lighter and more affordable.

Acrylic Prints – by Request

This ultra-contemporary process takes a high-resolution metallic print, and glues the face of the print under a sheet of acrylic. The finished piece has a dibond backing and aluminum subframe for easy mounting. Acrylic face-mount prints have beautiful contrast, ultra-dark blacks, and beautiful radiant colors. If you install spotlights over the piece, they glow off the wall. Note that these prints need more direct light to look good than other options, but are the ultimate choice for high-end collectors.

Fiber Rag Prints – by Request

Images are printed by the artist on the finest museum grade fiber-rag paper. These prints have vibrant colors, sharp detail, and a soft reflection. When mounted under UV glass, no fading or change in image quality will be noticed for 200+ years. Fiber prints are the best option for collectors who want a classic, framed presentation. These are loose prints that will require mounting at your local frame shop.

Custom Framing and Sizes

Please contact me about custom framing.  Many clients need to fit a specific space – images can be printed any size and cropped to your specifications.

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