Materials and Framing

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Aluminum Metal Print

This is the latest trend in the photography world, with dyes infused onto a white coated aluminum surface.  A protective, glossy layer is baked on the surface for a waterproof, durable, brilliant finish.  Metal prints have luminescent colors, dark blacks, and a glossy surface for an ultra-modern, clean look.  These prints are very lightweight, and so durable that many collectors hang them inside a patio.  In 2023, about 9/10 collectors chose metal prints

Choose between float or edge mount – see photos and description below.  While the float mount is the most popular with clients, my favorite is the edge mount, especially for larger prints – since they have a more substantial sculpted look on the wall.  Float mounts are best for images split into multiple panels.

– Metal FLOAT Mount – has a 3/4″ recessed metal frame, so the print appear as a flat panel floating off the wall.

– Metal EDGE Mount – has a 1 1/4″ satin metal frame mounted flush to the edge of the artwork for a 3-D boxed look on the wall

Metal Float Mount

Metal Edge Mount

Edge Mount 1

Gallery Canvas Wraps

Ready-to-hang Gicleé canvas wraps create a contemporary, yet timeless artistic presentation. Museum-grade poly/cotton blend canvas, made in the USA, is fade resistant for 100+ years. Canvas is stretched over 1.5″ natural wood bars, with mirrored edges, and wired in the back. Canvas wraps look great in a variety of lighting conditions, with bold, yet smooth natural colors – like a painting.  They look great with and without a frame.  You may have seen me hang very large canvas pieces at art shows for the past few years, which have been a big hit with collectors.

Please note that most “canvas” prints you find online are actually made of thin, signage grade plastic that is textured to resemble canvas.  Our canvas prints are made exactly like a high-end painting reproduction – with rich contrast, beautiful colors, and high longevity.

Client Install 21

Tru-Life Acrylic Prints - by Request

 This ultra-contemporary process takes a high-resolution metallic print, and glues the face of the print under a sheet of acrylic.  TruLife acrylic provides an anti-reflective coating that prevents distracting reflections – the coating is also anti-static and makes the acrylic scratch resistant.  The finished piece has a dibond backing and aluminum subframe for easy mounting. Acrylic face-mount prints have stunning contrast, ultra-dark blacks, and beautiful radiant colors – with a lifelike, three dimension depth. If you install spotlights over the piece, they glow off the wall.

Some collectors are torn between this option and metal.  While acrylic looks the best, it comes at a much larger investment.  My advice – just about everyone that chooses acrylic already wanted it before visiting my website – and often has another acrylic piece already.

Acrylic Example 3

Fiber Rag Prints - by Request

Images are printed by the artist on the finest museum grade fiber-rag paper. These prints have vibrant colors, sharp detail, and a soft reflections. When mounted under UV glass, no fading or change in image quality will be noticed for 200+ years. Fiber prints are the best option for collectors who want a classic, framed presentation. These are loose prints that will require mounting at your local frame shop.

Most of my $60,000 in juried awards were from exhibiting monochrome fiber rag prints at art festivals between 2011 and 2016.  For black and white images, this process is still my favorite.

Fiber Prints Example 1

Custom Framing and Sizes - by Request

Please contact me about custom framing.  Many clients need to fit a specific space – images can be printed any size and cropped to your specifications.
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