Client Installations

Below is a small sample of my artworking installed in homes and businesses of collectors.

Client Installation 18

48″x72″ Metal Print with Edge Mount

Watcher of Paradise

Client Install 21

24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Seashell Dock

Client Installation 17

20″x86″ Custom Metal Panels

Florida Dream

30″x96″ Canvas Wrap

Pathway to Paradise

Client Installation 22

22″x72″ Museum Acrylic on Metallic Paper

Flamingo Morning

Client Installation 23

48″ x 72" Metal Float Mount

Angel Oak

Client Install 003

24"x50" Framed Canvas and 24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Beyond Cedar Key and St John’s River Rise

24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Four’s Company

20″x60″ Framed Fiber Print

St John’s River 16

36″x54″ Metal Print Outdoors

Watcher of Paradise

32″x96″ Canvas Wrap

East Point - Installed in Penthouse on Lake Boca

40″x60″ Framed Fiber Print

Cypress of the South 5

Custom 36″x48″ Framed Fiber Print

Iconic Oak

48″x96″ Framed Fiber Print

Loxahatchee Riverbend

32″x60″ Framed Fiber Print

Washington Oaks 2

36″x54″ Lacquered Sepia Canvas Wrap

Return of the Long Mangrove

Custom 28″x34″ Custom Framed Fiber Print

Florida Dream 3

24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Florida Forgotten 2

26″x80″ Laquered Sepia Canvas

Myakka River 8

24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Fort Jefferson 1

24″x80″ Canvas Wrap

Florida Dream

40″x50″ Framed Fiber Print​

The Long Mangrove​

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