Loxahatchee River – Palm Beach & Martin County, Florida

One of my favorite paddling trips in Florida is the Loxahachee River in Palm Beach and Martin County, Florida.  In 2011, I spend two days canoeing the Loxahatchee during a long drought, where the roots were completely exposed.  Some shots I returned to the next day for softer light, including the ‘Loxahatchee Bend’ below.  This was during my switch to film; the results from this trip taught how wonderfully film responds to overexposure.  Shadows open up, and highlights roll off from midtones with a gentle subtly, rather than hard contrast lines.  For a time in 2011, I carried my digital and film equipment, but after my trip through the Loxahatchee, I began leaving digital equipment behind.  Below is one of my most popular images with art festival patrons.

Loxahatchee river, Florida, Swamp, Cypress, Monochrome, Black and White, Photograph, River

I returned again in late 2012, shortly after Hurricane Issac, and I barely recognized the river trail.  Slow, shallow water had turned into deep rapids.  The water was so high that I was able to kayak right over the walkway of a dam, pictured below (which was easier than kayaking back up the rapids directly).  Finally, I gave up and returned.  The water was simply too high not only for photography, but for proper navigation.

The Loxahachtee after hurricane Isaac with deep water.  Last time, I could see the roots and knees of this tree next to me.
Richard Auger on the flooded Loxahachee River.  Water went over the flood control landing.   I’m sitting on my new Sea Eagle Paddleski 435.
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