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Sony A7Rii: A Film Photographer’s Review

I mostly shoot black and white 120 film, and make my living selling big fine-art prints. I returned to film 5 years ago for aesthetic reasons, and reinvented my style and won many awards for my silver gelatin prints. As time moved on, I wanted to reintegrate color back into my workflow, so for the past two years, I’ve tried many digital systems and hated them all (5dmkiii, D800E, etc). The Sony A7Rii is the first digital camera I really like and can live with.

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Massive Dev Chart iPhone App Review

Developing black & white film yourself results in far better quality control than a lab can deliver, and of course brings the cost down. But experimenting with different developers and films results in easily confusing mixing tables, time, and temperatures. Massive Dev Chart iPhone App made my rediscovery of film alot easier and less confusing.

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Workshop at Valencia

Workshops are a blast, and working with the awesome students at Valencia College were no exception! An officer of the Valencia Photography Group saw my

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