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Traveling all over Florida to exhibit at art festivals the past year, I rarely get to see my works hanging in their final place.  Last week, I had the opportunity to see my photographs hanging at The Mayflower, a luxurious retirement community in the heart of Winter Park, Florida.

In March 2011, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (WPSAF) was my best experience yet because of its dedicated Patrons that sponsor the festival, as well as give out ‘Patron Purchase Awards’.  The Mayflower was a Gold Sponsor of the event.  By participating, Patrons make monetary pledges for given levels of spending and a donation.  This financial commitment to the purchase of art generates enthusiasm in the artist’s community and attracts the most outstanding artists who display on the outdoor circuit.

Jana and Suzi, who represented the Mayflower, chose five of my works to hang in their main lobby.  They invited me over to come and check out how the photographs looked.  Here is a photograph of my favorite part of the lobby, which I took from the perspective of the grand piano:


The Mayflower Lobby, April 2011. Photo by Richard J. Auger



Note the ‘Art Patron Medallion’ draped over the second photo, which each special Patron is given so the artists know who they are.

They chose several pieces from my award-winning ‘Infinity Series’, which were loved by the residents.  As I helped hang several smaller pieces, many of the residents came up and told me how much they loved my work, and asked for my card to check out my website.  Meeting new art lovers always makes my day.

I was also happy that my hand-build pine-wood frames look great in their lobby.  Classic silver prints on black frames can match any decor, from contemporary, to classic to Mediterranean.  Many art patrons often aren’t sure how a black and white print would look with their more colorful surroundings.  I’m glad to see they make a bold statement in the lobby of the Mayflower, with a great response from its residents.

Thanks Jana and Suzi for inviting me over to The Mayflower!  I also enjoyed the tasty burger and fish from the restaurant.


Richard Auger’s Medals from 2011 WPSAF. Mayflower, The Knights, and The Benhams. Photo by Richard J Auger.


Mayflower Award for Richard Auger.

2 thoughts on “The Mayflower Community”

  1. Thank you Richard for your very kind comments about the Patron’s program for the Winter Park Spring Art Festival! We appreciate receiving such positive feedback from one of our very special artists. And we really love the attention you’re giving us with our selection and placement of your beautiful photographs at the Mayflower. In a nutshell, we think you’re AWESOME!!!
    Suzi McG

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