Tony Senador Award – Lake Mary Heathrow

My first win of the season was a big one!  For the November 5-6 2010 24th Annual Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts Festival, I was awarded prestigious ‘Tony Senador Award’, with a grand cash prize of $2,500!

Because the largest two prizes are given dead last, I had given up hope after the first 25 awards were given out, including 10 judges choice awards, 5 awards of commendations, 10 awards of distinction, and 1 award of excellence.  What a wonderful surprise when my name came up next for the blue ribbon!

Lake Mary Heathrow, one of Central Florida oldest and most prestigious festivals, moved to a new location that gave great walking space so that the art patrons could walk around a long sidewalk circle. I also had some great neighbors that shared many memorable stories, including Beatrice Athanas (check her work out here), a fine-art painter across the way.

I’m looking forward to where the remainder of the festival season takes me!


Richard Auger, Photographer, Portrait
Richard Auger Wins the 2010 Lake Mary Heathrow Tony Senador Award

2 thoughts on “Tony Senador Award – Lake Mary Heathrow”

  1. Richard, I did not know until now. Thank you very much. Hope to see you at future shows shows.
    Your work is awesome.


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